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"Our Cozumel Tours & Excursions in Cozumel have the best TripAdvisor Reviews!"

Cozumel Tours has come a long way in becoming Cozumel Mexico's #1 Cozumel Tour Reservation Website and have set the standard for reliable and trustworthy online booking services for our guests visiting Cozumel Mexico. Our rates are so low that even Cozumel local’s book with us to save money on Cozumel attractions and Cozumel excursions. We are a family owned business from the States that moved to Isla Cozumel several years ago, and vacationed very frequently before our move to Cozumel. We always booked our Tours and Excursions online before our trip to Cozumel, in order to save money and reserve our spot. We always had some kind of issues when booking online, and could never find a reliable online reservation website that had great rates and decent customer service. It was impossible to reach the online tour company because 1. They weren’t located in Cozumel; & 2. Once they had our money they could care less about us. The benefit of working with a family owned tour company, is that we care much more about how your experience is with us and the tour than someone who hired an employee, who has no personal interests in whether you enjoy your vacation, because to them its just a job. Being a owner/operated business we are able to offer much lower rates than our competitors and cruise ships. We truly love Cozumel Mexico, and felt that these online reservation brokers were giving Cozumel a bad name. So that’s how Cozumel-Tours.NET was created. It was from our passion to help make the online reservation service a much more reliable, confident and affordable experience to help tourists explore Cozumel the right way with the best tour operators, who only have the highest TripAdvisor ratings in Cozumel Mexio.

Why book a tour with Cozumel Tours?

So why choose us as your online reservation website when there are others like us? Well we are the only official reservation website thats family owned and reside in Cozumel Mexico, unlike the other sites that are only brokers and have tours everywhere else and work with fly by night tour operators, just to get a cheaper price. We work closely with all of our tour guides to make sure you have the best experience when visiting Isla Cozumel.

We too were vacationers to Cozumel, and know exactly what it takes to make your vacation to Cozumel the most spectacular experience. Contact us directly via email or phone, to speak to a real family member, who will help you book a tour or deal with any problems or concerns you may have. We help plan your vacation for no additional cost, and we truly enjoy helping people have the most amazing time in Cozumel Mexico. We are dedicated to helping you find the best Cozumel tour, Cozumel excursion, Cozumel shore excursion, or Cozumel attraction that fits your needs and interests. When booking with Cozumel Tours, you can book with confidence knowing we are reliable and only use third party processor to take your deposit, such as Paypal or Google Checkout, so we never have access to your personal information. Come Explore Cozumel lilke never before.


How to book a tour online with us?

We make booking a tour with us easy and safe. Our website is fully secured with the most up-to-date security standards to keep your info safe. We use third party processors (PayPal & Google Checkout) to take your deposit, so we never have access to your personal information or anyone else.

You may book with us two different ways:

1. Once you have chosen the tour you wish to take in Cozumel, either click the "Book Now" button or Reservation Tab on the Menu Above. Once on this page you will be asked for some simple information so we can reach you and also the date or your Arrival, whether you are coming on a cruise or staying in a resort, type of Attraction or Tour in Cozumel, Date & Time of Desired Tour, How many guests and you may have additional fill-ins here, then you have the option to write us additional requests or concerns and then hit submit. Once you hit the submit button you will be redirected to the Paypal reservation page where you will be able to make a deposit. You don't need a PayPal account to make a deposit so dont worry, and if you like, you may create one. The Deposit is 20% of the Total Reservation Total. Once we recieve the reservation, we confirm and send you an e-receipt with your detailed reservation info on your desired tour during your trip to Cozumel Mexico. Easy!

2. The second way is similar to the first, but instead of going to the reservation page, you may travel over to the contact page, with a tab located on the menu above. Once there it will be the similar procedure and questions, but instead of being redirected to PayPal, you will be contacted by us to confirm your information adn request, and ask you whether you prefer a PayPal Invoice or Google Checkout Invoice in order to make the deposit. The Deposit is 20% of the Total Reservation Total. Once we recieve receipt that the deposit was made, we send your E-Receipt with detailed tour reservation info for your desired tour during your trip to Isla Cozumel Mexico.

If you have any questions or concerns about booking a tour or any other questions, feel free to navigate to the Contact Page, or Email us at info@Cozumel-Tours.NET or You may message or Call our US # at 610-224-9280. We look forward to hearing from you :)

Simple Steps to Book a Tour

  • Choose a desired Tour on Cozumel-Tours.NET
  • Click "Book Now" or Navigate to Reservation Page
  • Fill Out Simple Contact Info & Travel & Desired Tour Info
  • Once you Click "SUBMIT" You'll be redirected to PayPal
  • Complete the Deposit Request Page from PayPal
    • Deposit is 20% of Total Tour Cost
  • We Send you an E-Reciept with Detailed Reservation Info.
  • If you can't make the tour we will refund your deposit.
    • Please give us a 24 hr notice so we may fill your spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience we have put together a quick FAQ's section to help answer questions you may have.

  • Why Book with us? (Answered Above in First Tab)
    • #1 Cozumel Reservation Website, thats family owned & has lowest prices with only the best Tour Operators with high TripAdvisor Reviews and Ratings. Reliable Service you can feel confident about. SAVE lots of oney compared to the Cruise Ships and don't be stuck in tours where you'll be elbow to elbow with 30-40 other tourists. We only have private/small group tours that provide a much more personal experience with professional bilingual tour guides.
  • What if the Cozumel excursion returns late? Could I miss the ship?
    • NO. We have never had anyone miss their cruise ship and never will. Our professional reservation assistants and our local tour operators are perfectly aware of each cruise ship's schedule, and all tour departure times are designed to match your cruise ship's schedule. During the reservation process we check all schedules and GUARANTEE that you will not miss your cruise ship because of our tours not being on time.
  • What are the cancellation Policy?
    • Its very simple! You don't make the tour and contact us 24 hrs before your tour, we will refund your deposit 100% and no questions asked. If you miss the tour without contacting us within 24 hrs and it was out of your control; Cruise Ship didnt stop at port, was late or any cruise related incidents that kept your ship from docking on time or at all to the Port of Cozumel. We are not in the business to steal your money if you dont take a tour. We ask for a 24 hr notice, to try and get your spot replaced. We are the only online reservation website that allows as close as 24 hrs, and the others either dont give a refund at all, or require you contact them 7 days before. We understand things happen and arent in the business to steal deposits, so just make sure to contact us and we will work everything out.
  • Where do I meet the tour guide?
    • All our meeting points are at a convenient location so its very easy for you to find. Our one meeting point is only a 2 minute walk from the peer. You will recieve your information on where to meet in your E-Receipt after you make your deposit. If you have any questions or need special meeting requirements, please contact us, as we are always willing to help.



  • What if the weather is bad?
    • If you are taking a boat related tour and the weather is bad, Cozumel will close the boat ports for local tour boats so the tour will be cancelled and we will refund your deposit in full. We will also work hard on booking you on an alternate tour that may interest you. Cozumel is the best place to snorkel and dive, but Cozumel Island has so many more attractions and excursions in Cozumel to take advantage of. A lot of the island tours are famous and well recognized tours that are lots of fun and very entertaining. You could always rent a car and venture Cozumel on your own in which we always recommend our visitors to do, because Cozumel is the safest island in Mexico and has the most spectacular sights to capture that will take your breath-away. Our Cozumel rental car service is recommended by TripAdvisor for not having hidden fees and being a reliable and trustwothy Cozumel car rental service. We have the lowest rates and include everything so there are no additional costs. Your Cozumel rental car includes tax, liability insurance, and free mileage. Visit our Cozumel rental car guide page to get more information on renting a car in Cozumel, and get info on traffic laws, free roadside assistance, insurance and more.
  • When should I book a tour?
    • Cozumel has the largest cruise ship traffic so booking a tour or car rental in Cozumel Mexico, is almost a necessity. We only work with private/small group tours that have high TripAdvisor reviews and come highly recommended. So these tours get booked very quickly especially if you are coming on a cruise ship. So basically the sooner the better so you dont run the chance of the tour being sold out because you waited right before your vacation.










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Excursions in Cozumel & Cozumel Cruise Excursions | Things to do in Cozumel Mexico | About Cozumel Island | Cozumel Shore Excursions There is no other Island like Isla Cozumel Mexico and many will agree that it's the most stunning and fascinating Mexico vacation destination in the World. Cozumel Island is the #1 best scuba dive in Cozumel and snorkeling in Cozumel, destination in the world and many consider it # 1. Cozumel has the most vivid white sand beaches that are coupled with the utmost brilliant crystal blue water seen in the world. Cozumel weather is extraordinary since it is constantly nice and warm all year round with a remarkable ocean temperature of no less that 77 F, so your Trip to Cozumel will be an extraordinary one. Cozumel weather isn't like other hot destinations where it's humid and uncomfortable. Cozumel weather is fantastically warm with comfortable nights so you can wear pants or something heavier comfortably for Cozumel nightlife. Weather in Cozumel isn't the only thing that makes Cozumel the best island destination in the world even though Cozumel Weather is a big advantage, but Cozumel is the safest place in Mexico and one of the top safest places in the world. This is what makes Cozumel so unique since Cozumel tourists vacationing from all-inclusive Cozumel resorts to Cozumel cruise ship passengers coming from Cozumel ports (Cozumel Cruise Ports) are able to leave the tourist areas and wander off on their own without worrying about safety. There are not many travel destinations similar to Cozumel as you travel around the Caribbean. We are not discrediting any other travel destinations that say they are safe, but for Cozumel Island has a good track record when it comes to safety compared to other safe vacation destinations. Once Cozumel tourists get off the plane into Cozumel airport or coming in through their cruise line at the Cozumel port, you automatically get a good vibe from the Cozumel airport employees & Cozumel cruise port workers who are almost always friendly and cheerful. Another advantage about Cozumel is that much of the Cozumel local population speak some English making communication in Cozumel Island a lot easier and stress-free, even though we do advise visiting our Spanish speaking guide for getting around Cozumel, because the best things to do in Cozumel has to offer is sometimes off the tourism grid and into the depths of San Miguel Isla Cozumel which is the only town in Cozumel Mexico. These areas of Cozumel may not be as fluent in speaking English, so it's better to be prepared to help make your vacation even more laid-back and relaxed. Make sure to visit our Cozumel spanish speaking guide to get all the tips on important Spanish words you should know when traveling to Cozumel Mexico. Cozumel-Tours.Net is the most user-friendly website available in Cozumel Mexico for Cozumel Vacationers, Cozumel travelers, Cozumel Cruise Passengers, and Cozumel locals. Now you can take Cozumel news, Cozumel events, Cozumel travel guide, What to do in Cozumel, Cozumel Tourist Guide, Everything About Cozumel, Cozumel Weather, Cozumel Excursions and all Cozumel attractions & Cozumel tourist guides with you all the time from the tip of your fingers with our Phone App available for all iPhones and Android users, as well as being web friendly for other phone users. We offer the lowest price excursions for Cozumel cruise passengers, Cozumel vacationers, Cozumel travelers, and Cozumel locals looking to explore Cozumel Mexico and experience Isla Cozumel like never before. Learn all about Cozumel Culture and history by taking one of our Cozumel Educational tours or Excursions, and or Cozumel sightseeing tours to experience Cozumel Mexico like never before and discover Mayan ruins and hidden secrets of the Mayan life.