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Car Rental in Cozumel & Cozumel Car Rental Guide

Our Car Rentals in Cozumel have the lowest prices and every car rental includes 11% Tax, Limited Liability Insurance and free mileage for every booking. We make sure to always have prices that are below any other Cozumel car rental agency. We are a family owned business from the states that fell in love with Cozumel and currently live here. We are here to help you enjoy your trip to Cozumel Mexico. Rent a car in Cozumel without the hassle of hidden fees and misrepresentation. We only work with reputable Cozumel car rental agencies that have great customer feedback and ratings.

We are able to rent the cars lower than the Cozumel car rental agencies we work with. You will never incur any hidden fees when renting a car in Cozumel with us. Never let the Cozumel car rental agencies to scare you into purchasing additional insurance. (Cozumel Car Rental Insurance Info) Read below about how to use your current car insurance for your Cozumel car rental in Cozumel Mexico: Car Insurance for Car Rental Cozumel. Its always wise to reserve a Cozumel car rental, beforehand because of availability. Cozumel Mexico, has the largest amount of cruise ship traffic

Cozumel Car Rental Check List

cozumel rental car cozumel car rentals Spare Tire & Jack
cozumel rental car cozumel car rentals All Doors Function (Lock & Unlocking)
cozumel rental car cozumel car rentals All Seatbelts Fully Functional
cozumel rental car cozumel car rentals Seat Adjustability
cozumel rental car cozumel car rentals Windows Work Properly and Roll Up & Down
cozumel rental car cozumel car rentals Proper Legal Paperwork| Phone numbers & Address of Agency
cozumel rental car cozumel car rentals Parking Brake & Brakes | Horn | Brake Lights | Headlights
cozumel rental car cozumel car rentals Make Sure Clutch Works Properly (Including Reverse)
cozumel rental car cozumel car rentals Note the time you picked up the rental vehicle & return time
cozumel rental car cozumel car rentals Note the amount of GAS so you may return it the same.
cozumel rental car cozumel car rentals Take Pictures (Camera/Mobile Phone)Previous Scratches/Damges
cozumel rental car cozumel car rentals Make sure you thoroughly check the car before you take it too far


Cozumel Car Rental Insurance

In Cozumel, if for some reason your rental car is involved in an accident, you will be required to make full payment of all damages by Mexican law before you leave the island. Our Cozumel rental agency will supply the necessary reports for you to take to your insurance agency back home so you may recover the payment. We include Limited Liability Insurance with every Cozumel Vehicle Rental and Collision Coverage is available for $20 extra and theres only a 10% deductible for the value of the vehicle which is roughly $500, the same as the average Car Insurance deductible in the States.

An important thing to remember is that U.S. insurance companies won't make a direct payment for an accident or vehicle damages outside of the states and will have to wait a week or two until you may get reimbursed, but thats why you need to call your credit card company.

Cozumel traffic is very calm and the traffic laws and rules are fairly simple to understand. Read below for more information on Cozumel Traffic laws and how to handle Police.


Need Roadside Assistance in Cozumel?

If you would ever happen to encounter automotive problems during your exploration of Cozumel Island, make sure to wave down

roadside assistance Car rentals Cozumel Mexio green angels
Cozumel's Green Angles. These green trucks have uniformed personnel that patrol the highways especially during high season to come to the aid for those who find themselves stranded road-side. They carry basic vehicle repair items who are very friendly and want to help vacationers get back to their Cozumel Vacation. It doesnt cost anything but tips are appreciated.

Green Angels (Angeles Verdes)

Call 078 from any Cell phone


No Charge for their Service, just for parts, gas and oil. Tips however are appreciated.


Services provided by Green Angels:

1. Mechanic assistance and emergency radio communication for Cozumel Island. Drivers carry gasoline and motor oil as well as spare tires and parts for minor but important repairs.

2. Aid in case of accident. Trained in CPR, they can administer first aid in the event of an accident or medical emergency.

3. Advice and information on the destinies (maps), services and tourist attractions of the state and regional.

Federally funded initiatives like the Green Angels show the government's commitment to Cozumel's tourist safety, security and wellbeing and provide peace of mind to motorists driving in Cozumel.


How to handle Cozumel Traffic Violations?

First take a deep breath because Cozumel is not only safe and considered the safest place in Mexico, but Cozumel's traffic police force are really lenient in regard to traffic violations and don't harass vacations or even locals. They realize people are on vacation, and its very common for people to be make mistakes driving in a foreign country. The Traffic laws and rules are very simple and very similar to those in the United States. There are many stories of police trying to get money from vacationers, but in Cozumel thats just not the case. Cozumel has the most cruise ship traffic and is known as "Heaven on Earth" for a reason and wouldnt be so, if there were crooked cops patrolling the streets of Cozumel.

If you do find yourself in this rare situation, here are some helpul tips on how to save you the stress and frustration of dealing with Cozumel Traffic Violations or accusations.

1. Cozumel police officers all have uniforms, name badges and ID Cards fairly easy to spot since they drive around with their lights flashing, so you'll have a fair warning when they are approaching. Just make sure you see all three before assuming your in trouble.

2. Most police officers that would happen to stop you for a traffic violation should be able to speak basic English to explain the issue. If you happen to get into an accident, there will be someone who speaks English 95% of the time. There are Cozumel Traffic Police Chiefs who come to the scene and most often always know some English. If not request an English speaking officer.

3. All traffic violations are processed at the Police Station in Town very close to the piers. The Police officer will hold your driver's license at the Police Station until the matter is resolved. When in an accident they allow you to negotiate the cost with the other party. This is the most common and simple way to handle this. Always be polite and even if they try to get some ridiculous amount from you just smile and ask them to justify the cost. Make sure to always take pictures of the accident. If the situation can't be mutually resolved than you will sit in front of a judge (basically someone who is hears both stories and follows the law on making his or her rulings on how the situation will be handled).

So when being asked to go to the Police Station doesnt mean you are going to JAIL. Everyone involved in traffic violations or accident must go there to sort everything out and receive your ID back. The Police station is a great place to find even more English speaking officers to help you state your case.

4. Police officers dont handle the payments for fines. Paying a Cozumel traffic violation fee takes place at the police station where you will be given a receipt for your payment and your driver's license returned.

Here are 3 Separate ways to deal with the above situations.

1. If for some rare reason you are being scammed, just save your vacation time and pay the fee and be on your way. Never pay more than $20 USD for the inconvenience. If they demand more, ask to to be taken to the police station. They'll most likely take what you offer them or just let you go.

2. If you feel that you didnt violate any Traffic Violations or want to just fight it, than do so, but beware you might ruin half of your day doing so. If you feel that you were pulled over for no reason, just tell the officer this and if you like act upset and concerned. We have heard many stories of vacationers doing just this, and if its a scam, the Police officers will leave you alone. But they may also be stubborn or you did violate something and then you'll just be wasting your vacation time, and they will make sure to take their time.

3. Pretend you dont know any better and apologize countlessly until they either let you go, ask for money, or take you to the police station and get your processed quickly. Many tourists offer Police a bribe, and if you choose to do this be careful. Dont be blunt about giving them money to look the other way. Just pretend to not know what to do and offer to pay the fine to them so you can save your vacation time. Tell them your cruise is leaving or your late for a tour or excursion and they might let you off the hook. Please provide any personal situations you have dealt with below in our facebook comment box. Thank you.


Thank you for reading our Car Rental in Cozumel & Cozumel Car Rental Guide has given you an in depth view on how to handle your rental car in Cozumel when you deciding to choose a car rental in Cozumel over alternate transportation. Being previous Cozumel American touristsmany years ago, we know that Renting a Car in Cozumel, is perfect for Cozumel Cruise Ship Passengers or Cozumel Vacationers to save money and explore Cozumel the way they like. So thank you for reading our Car Rental in Cozumel & Cozumel Car Rental Guide and hope we helped you decide whether renting a car in Cozumel is right for you and dont forget to read our other Cozumel Guides and Cozumel Articles.


Inside Cozumel Car Rental Agency

Car rentals in Cozumel Mexico can be an absolutely different experience than in the United States or anywhere else. If you don't book ahead of time, it could cost you a lot more to rent a car in Cozumel, and always make sure to review the rental contract before signing. We are the only Cozumel Rental Agency that includes 11% Tax, Limited Liability Insurance and free mileage. It is not uncommon to pay anywhere from US$50 to $80 per day for a small economical car. If you take the chance and wait to book when you're here, you run the chance of being overcharged and the Cozumel rental Agencies know the there aren't many options on the island so they can charge these high prices. They also never tell you that the Tax, Limited Liability Insurance and mileage are NOT included. So when you return you are in for a surprise.

But also availability plays into this as well, since Cozumel has a limited supply of car rentals. The Cozumel Rental Agencies are aware of this and, take advantage of this aspect to justify their high prices. The most notorious Cozumel Car Rental Agencies who have the most hidden costs are the name brand rental agencies. They know people come to them because of the name, but in Cozumel those are the rental car agencies to avoid. So this makes renting a car in advance an important factor, for people who are looking to save money, get a trusted car rental, and not get hit with hidden prices, and guarantee availability due to the high traffic of cruise ships into the island.
Be sure to turn a rental car in on time.even running just a few minutes late can sometimes cost a full day extra rental fee and this is typically a non-negotiable aspect with other the rental companies in Cozumel. Also, make sure the fuel is at the required level when returned or be prepared to pay a premium fee for the gas shortage. By taking the time to fill up your Cozumel rental vehicle a little earlier could save you a lot of money.

Inside Information on Cozumel Rental Car Agencies
There are dozens of car rental agencies now operating on Cozumel Island. Cozumel has the largest traffic of cruise ships, so it has become much more difficult to just walk right up to a car rental agency to book a rental vehicle. As for the airlines, it is very common for other Cozumel rental agencies to double-book reservations, especially during the high season (Winter-Spring). We have heard many stories from our car rental customers that have told us about their previous car renting experiences, and this is one of the most common issues we've heard. Keep in mind that the car rental agency can only control so much with clients returning cars at dates/times specified.

large cities, where there are several offices of the same car rental agency, most every reservation can be provided by the car rental agency, by working collectively to exchange rental vehicles to needed locations. Cozumel is an island, rental vehicle exchange isn't practical or cost efficient, so car rentals in Cozumel just won't be available. Cozumel Rental Car Agencies try to help each other as much as they can but with limited resources it's not always feasible.

By: Cozumel Tours



and being on an island, its not easy keeping up with the very high Cozumel car rental demand. The Cozumel car rental agencies try to work together to help each other when they dont have any vehicles available, but there are only a few reputable Cozumel car rental agencies on the island that we trust and will work with. Im sure you will find a car to rent the day you arrive, but chances are you will pay double for the Cozumel car rental and are from car rental agencies that we won't work with, because of bad reputation and low customer ratings. Watch out for the name brand rental agencies, because they will certainly have additonal costs for tax, insurance, and mileage. Make sure to ask for the TOTAL price, not just the cost of the rental the vehicle for 24 hrs. Continue reading below for more information on renting a car in Cozumel, Cozumel Car Rental Checklist, Cozumel Car Rental Laws, How to handle traffic violations, and find out how to get free roadside assistance. We strive to make every car rental Cozumel experience a unique and exciting one. We will help you plan a day trip when booking your car rental in Cozumel Mexico, for free. You will also get a free tour when you make any reservation with us before April 3rd 2013. We want you to enjoy your vacation in Cozumel and by renting a car rental Cozumel, you are able to travel anywhere you want during your Cozumel vacation. When you book your Cozumel car rental, make sure you ask us some things to do in Cozumel during the time period you are renting the car rental in Cozumel. Always check out our Cozumel travel guide and Cozumel Articles pages to discover new and exciting things to do when you rent a car in Cozumel. Don't over pay for a car rental in Cozumel through the cruise ships, Cozumel tour salesman, timeshare salesman (that will promise you everything but wont deliver), or anyone asking you to rent a car in Cozumel. You may certainly rent a Cozumel car rental with them, but chances are you will pay the premium and not know what kind of rental vehicle you will get. Not only that, you will take up your precious vacation time trying to find a car rental in Cozumel and might even get stressed or frustrated trying to get a good price. Let us do the work in finding the perfect Cozumel car rental and get the very best price without have to negotiate and get stressed. We save you time, money, and your valuable vacation, instead of dealing with the car rental agencies in Cozumel. We know how to help make your Cozumel vacation a memorable one without having any concerns about hidden fees when renting a car in Cozumel Mexico. Cozumel has only a limited amount of car rental agencies in Cozumel and cruise traffic is heavy. Its common for Cozumel Rental Agencies to have no Cozumel car rentals for that particular day, so its very important to make sure you reserve your vehicle now so your not left paying double with a taxi driver who will only take you to places he gets commission from and not the best attractions or places that interest you. We wont say not to renta a scooter in Cozumel but ridding a scooter in Cozumel isnt the best choice and safest because of the fast driving taxis. We have seen many Cozumel tourists fall and get hurt. If you do still decide to get a Cozumel scooter rental. We highly recommend a car rental in Cozumel, because it is much safer, and its cheaper than renting two scooters. Our Cozumel Car Rentals are perfect for you to explore the island and create your own tour of Cozumel when you reserve a Cozumel car rental. Check out our Do it yourself in our Cozumel Guides Page and our Free things to do in Cozumel Articles & Guides, to help you travel Cozumel with ease. Such as our "Do it yourself Snorkel Tour" We also have a Cozumel Beach Guide and Beach Chart to help you locate the perfect beach you are looking to venture. We hope you enjoy our website and enjoy these great savings for a Cozumel car rental. Make sure to press the "Like" button above :) - See more at: